The first collection – Toni – is dedicated to the husband behind the idea of our refill solution for scented candles. Launched during Formex Fair in Stockholm, Sweden, in January 2016.

The collection consists of six sophisticated fragrances created in collaboration with leading Swiss and French perfume houses to reflect the tastes of modern Scandinavian households and our way of living.

Peche de Vigne, 300 g

Peche de vigne

Fresh and fruity with green, aquatic top notes and a delicious hint of wood and spice.

Dry Vetiver, 300g

Dry Vetiver

Fresh citrus, mint and pepper top notes combine perfectly with rich, woody vetiver and a moss and cedar base.

Dramatic Cologne, 300 g

Dramatic Cologne

A masculine sensual musk with a tantalizing hint of blackcurrant.

Amber Rose, 300 g

Amber Rose

Elegant floral rose infused with amber, cedarwood and fruity lemon and blackcurrant notes.

La Champa, 300 g

La Champa

Indulgent, sparkling brut champagne, mingled with subtle hints of vanilla and barrel oak.

Blackwood, 300 g

Black wood

Intense, smoky cedarwood and spicy clove leaf, topped with sultry elements of rose and jasmine